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Records held with Xtasea Charters:

Aside from the countless BILLFISH that we tag and release (see Billfish Club) year round we are always game for a potential record if there is one to be got!

National Line Class Records

20/07/05 MAHI MAHI 12kg / 8kg line - Mark Winter, MV Wai Tadra

20/07/05 WAHOO 14.9kg / 4kg line - David Granville, MV Wai Tadra

20/07/05 WAHOO 27.7kg / 8kg line - Dean Baudendistel, MV Wai Tadra

19/07/05 SPANISH MACKEREL (WALU) 24kg / 8kg line - Shane Coles, MV Wai Tadra

21/07/04 WAHOO 27.5kg / 8kg line - Robyn Granville, MV Wai Tadra

21/07/04 BARRACUDA (OGO) 19.9kg / 8kg line - Robyn Granville, MV Wai Tadra

30/04/04 YELLOWFIN TUNA 22.4kg / 6kg line - Glenn Gardener, MV Xtasea

12/08/03 WAHOO 41.0kg / 10kg line - John Romeo, MV Xtasea